BI Professional Services

MindsBeam’s BI Professional Services works with you to set up, manage, and creatively apply our industry-leading business intelligence platform in ways that empower decision makers. Our Consultants determine which BI components to use, and set them up based on reporting needs, number of users, and other requirements. At MindsBeam, we strongly believe that understanding the requirements right is half job done. So we pay more attention to defining requirements and help business teams to define or refine the requirements.

BI Goals and Architecture

Idendify and discover business goals and recommend appropriate BI solutions and technologies.Design and implement technical architectures in considerate of both current and future scopes

BI Application Implementation

MindsBeam’s Application implementation team starts with you right from the requirement gathering, data sourcing, data mapping and transformation, BI design, build, testing and deployment.

Data Integrations

Identify data appropriate to meet your business requirements. Acquire data from disparate systems across enterprise IT system. Profile, transform and cleanse the data as required. Deliver data in batch, near real time or in real time modes. Detailed ETL design and development methodology

Custom BI Development

Fully customizable user experience based on your specific needs. Custom SQL engine to fetch and represent the information best suited for your end users

Business Analytics

Help Business to evolve BI capabilities with advanced analytics through data mining, predictive analytics, statistical analysis, etc.,

Legacy Migrations

Migrate your legacy Data, ETL, Database and Reporting systems to the new proposed tools.

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MindsBeam has proven BI experts who have many years of providing quality industry standard solutions. Our Consultants across BI landscape can provide services in all industry leading ETL, Database and Reports tools.
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