Data Warehousing

MindsBeam provides the necessary required knowledge and technical capabilities to help customers leverage the best ROI from their DW implementation. MindsBeam works closely with business stakeholders and IT teams to assist with data warehouse architecture, implementing ETL data structures and analyzing the dataset.

Organizations today are confronted with the challenge and the opportunity of data growing at unprecedented rates from a variety of sources. In this new era of opportunity, data management teams need to work with their business counterparts to create the infrastructure necessary for managing and benefiting from this increasing torrent of data. Working with your business users and technology professionals, we provide solutions to help your company deliver trusted, actionable and authoritative data to the business at the right time, when required to make the right decision.

Data Analysis

MindsBeam’s proven methodology for data cleansing and building an efficient process helps customers to identify the right data sources for integration. Our profiling and data quality services ensure data in the warehouse is accurate, consistent and industry standard.

Data Architecture

We understand how to design conceptual, logical and physical data models for data mining and data warehousing projects. MindsBeam can review and re-engineer, forward engineer the existing data models to ensure that we provide a scalable model that is optimized for efficiency and scalability.

ETL Development

Establishing a stable, efficient and timely ETL process to load a data warehouse is a key aspect to the success of a DW implementation. MindsBeam offers the expertise to handle a robust ETL design and development that will continually add value to the warehouse using industry leading tools.

Data Models

We are experts in conceptual, logical and physical data model concepts. MindsBeam offers the expertise to develop, customize the industry standard data models.

Data Quality

We make sure the quality of data through different testing methodologies. We take care our unit testing and integration testing seriously as we believe these can detect bugs at early stages rather than late before deployment.


Help DBAs, Server Adminstrators, Architects and Developers to deploy the developed ETL methodologies in the appropriate environments.

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