Financial Services

The financial services industry is constantly and rapidly changing, making it more and more challenging for financial institutions to keep up with the change and with the competition. With a vast range of customers and customer needs, changing regulations, and growing fraud threats, financial services companies need information management solutions that will allow them to make smart decisions. Financial institutions need to use all the tools at their disposal to manage the many industry challenges and ensure their own financial stability through intelligent business solutions.

MindsBeam Overview

MindsBeam changes data into information for any organization. With the tons of data around the planet, MindsBeam tries everyday to transform all of them into actionable business value

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Operational Reporting

It is easy for a financial services company to get so focused on outside profit building that it overlooks the many cost-saving opportunities within its own operation. By maximizing operational efficiency throughout their entire organizations everywhere from the accounting office to the call center to the trading desk companies can reduce costs to help them increase and maintain their profit margins.

Consumer Credit Services

With increasing customer diversity, financial institutions want to track their customers’ credit habits to discern the most profitable avenues and to protect themselves from loss through customer default on credit.

Asset Management

Financial services companies must keep track of extensive and varied assets in many different forms. MindsBeam’s analysis and monitoring capabilities allow companies to ascertain which assets are most profitable, determine how to maximize profitability of their various assets, and ensure that their many assets are properly managed.

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