Offshore Services

With our Offshore services, we reduce the cost significantly for the application development, administration, support and upgrade activities.

We try to make our offshore services look more likely that our consultants working just remote rather than influencing barriers like geographically separated and multi-layer information pass on to the actual developer

Cost Effective

Our offshore resourcing adds a lot of value to the budgeting and delivery quality.

Time Utilization

Development happens at customers off office hours and they see a significant development always over the night.

Help Global Customers

MindsBeam’sOffshore team also helps a company be closer to its global customers, thereby providing appropriate offerings to its regional market and ensuring speedier problem resolution.

Virtual 24 x 7

MindsBeam’s Offshore team alleviates problems created by time differences, enabling companies to support remote customers too in a virtual 24-7 operation

Less layer of communications

We make sure to have less layer of communications by thus helping the end developer to get the first hand information from the business users in a possible manner.


MindsBeam’s Offshore make sure that at the end of the project to provide the better documentation to the customers alleviates if any problems created by the geographical barrier influences if any.

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