BI Professional Services

MindsBeam’s BI Professional Services works with you to set up, manage, and creatively apply our industry-leading business intelligence platform in ways that empower decision makers.
Our Consultants determine which MicroStrategy components to use, and set them up based on reporting needs, number of users, and other requirements.

BI Application Implementation

MindsBeam’s Application implementation team starts with you right from the requirement gathering, data sourcing, data mapping and transformation, BI design, build, testing and deployment.
At MindsBeam, we strongly believe that understanding the requirements right is half job done. So we pay more attention to defining requirements and help business teams to define or refine the requirements.

Offshore Services

With our Offshore services, we reduce the cost significantly for the application development, administration, support and upgrade activities.
We try to make our offshore services look more likely that our consultants working just remote rather than influencing barriers like geographically separated and multi-layer information pass on to the actual developer.

BI Mobile Services

Our Mobile BI Solution accounts for the unique mindset required for Mobile BI App development and couples it with data visualization and technology specific capabilities to produce great Mobile BI Apps.
Transform your entire workforce into a connected and highly productive mobile workforce with mobile apps that are infinitely better than their web counterparts. With access on mobile devices to critical corporate data and systems that drive your business, your people literally have their offices in their hands 24 x 7.
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We just don’t look at the numbers in a report as just a metric value rather we look at it as KPIs. We constantly ask questions that how this metric would improve our customer’s business. In the era of Big Data, more questions and insights on basic information from the existing environment would evolve the big data requirement and solutioning in a meaningful way to do the analytics. Wherever possible we try to encourage or help customers to think the data as not just metric value but an analytical number.

  • We have one of the fastest growing BI teams
  • We have the most dedicated support team
  • Constant updates to customers about new features and tools
  • Most of our consultants are certified from the vendor institutions.
  • We take care of your regular admin and maintenance work
  • Join the growing community of MindsBeam’s customers

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MindsBeam has proven BI experts who have many years of providing quality industry standard solutions. Our Consultants across BI landscape can provide services in all industry leading ETL, Database and Reports tools.
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